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Important Note

As of February 12, 2018 -- the launch date of Store Locator v4.0 & all v2.0 addons (which all now function as WordPress plugins) -- the Addons Platform is discontinued in favor of Addons Platform Lite v2.0+.

The only feature in the Addons Platform that is missing from Addons Platform Lite is the  Addons Marketplace, which allowed users to install and update addons.  Now that all Store Locator addons v2.0+ function as WordPress plugins, WordPress will manage the installation, updating process, and the turning on & off of your addons.

Addons Platform Lite will still manage the key validation, key deactivation (functionality now available as of Store Locator v4.0 & Addons Platform Lite v2.0), and addon settings like before.



Motivated by the fact that services used by the Store Locator, such as Google Maps API, Google Geocoding API, and WordPress API can be changed at anytime by their respective developers.

Thus, the Addons Platform provides a customization layer that allows you to powerfully customize your Store Locator, while still being able to update the base Store Locator plugin without losing your customizations, so that it's never out-of-date.


  • Meets multiple customization needs when hoping to increase the functionality of one's store locator maps.
  • Time. Quicker turnaround for client projects since you no longer need to custom-code time-consuming feature requests -- they're already nicely packaged as addons. Quicker turnaround = more clients = more earnings for you.
  • Price. Many of these addons are derived directly from customizations that originally cost thousands of dollars, but are now available for much less.

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LotsOfLocales™ Addons Platform provides you with a growing number Generation 2 (G2; comes with the Addons Platform) addons & themes to save you time, provide you highly-advanced features, and impress your clients. Below is a list of some of the addons available, starting in Store Locator Version 2:

The above addons are only a few of the LotsOfLocales™ G2 addons available -- installable by 1-click via the Addons Marketplace in your WP admin dashboard. These addons also communicate with each other to make full benefit of the Addons Platform's API.

All addons available previous to Store Locator 2.0 are now called "G1" (Generation 1) addons, and can still be used, with or without the Addons Platform installed (if you purchased an addon prior to 2.0, re-download it via the emailed link of your purchase and install a slighty updated version that allows it to work with 2.0).

In addition to the 8 addons listed above, there are currently 8 additional bonus addons -- only visible to those with the Addons Platform installed: Currently, 3 are active, 1 is yet-to-be-released, and 4 more addons are in development.


  1. Place `/addons-platform/` folder in your `/wp-content/uploads/sl-uploads/addons/` folder. Then, go to your pull-out dashboard where you can validate it using the activation key you receive after purchase.
  2. After installation and validation, you can then go to Addons > Marketplace in order to install addons to enhance your store locator's abilities. Manage the settings under Addons > Settings.
  3. In order to activate any newly installed addons, use the same activation key used to activate the Addons Platform to activate individual addons on the Addons Settings page
  4. Note: in order for the activation of individual addons to work using the Addons Platform's activation key, the addons need to have been installed via the Addons Marketplace at least once for that particular activation key. This is as opposed to simply copying and pasting from a past installation that used a different activation key (via FTP for example).

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