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Much of the same power & capabilities of the full Addons Platform, without the Addons Marketplace.

Minimum Requirements

  • Store Locator v4.0+ (since Addons Platform Lite v2.0)
  • PHP v5.2+

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Addons Platform Lite v2.0 and later:

Note: All addons marked v2.0 and later are now fully WordPress plugins and can be installed as such

  1. Upload the Addons Platform Lite zip file (downloaded from your account page) via WP Admin > Plugins > Add New > click 'Upload Plugin' button
  2. Once upload is complete, turn on the addon using 'Activate' button (can also be done on WP Admin > Plugins page)
  3. Once turned on, you can validate Addons Platform Lite by submitting your purchase key under Store Locator's pull-out admin dashboard

Before Addons Platform Lite v2.0:

  1. Place `/addons-platform-lite/` folder in your `/wp-content/uploads/sl-uploads/addons/` folder. Then, go to your pull-out dashboard where you can validate it using the activation key you receive after purchase.
  2. After installation and validation, you can buy accompanying addons individually. Manage other installed addons' settings under Addons > Settings.

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