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Minimum Requirements


Design the look and feel of exactly how you want to present your Store Locator to website visitors without needing to directly change the base Store Locator plugin code.

Advanced Theme Manager gives the flexibility of creating multiple themes that use both HTML and template shortcode that represents different elements of the Store Locator's interface (such as the map, search results, search form, etc).

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  1. Modify the layout of your Store Locator map(s) by creating and modifying theme templates
  2. Modify the layout of the Search Results & the Info Windows (Bubbles) that display when an icon on a map is clicked
  3. Uses HTML template shortcodes that make it possible to easily display any piece of information desired from the Store Locator's database, including custom fields created by other addons and by the Custom Field Manager


  1. Install via the Addons > Marketplace page (visible with Addons Platform installed & activated). It will automatically be installed in your /wp-content/uploads/sl-uploads/addons/ folder
  2. On Addons > Settings, activate this addon using the same key that was used to activate the Addons Platform for that particular website

(Further usage tips & instructions included addon in its readme.txt file)

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