Multiple Field Updater G2

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Minimum Requirements


By default, you have the ability to bulk update only the tags of multiple locations at once -- now, you can bulk update any field -- including any custom fields created by other addons

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  1. Allows for you to quickly update all selected fields -- default fields or any custom fields that you may have created.
  2. New options to append or overwrite the data for the selected field that you choose to update for multiple locations
  3. Helpful if you need to update many locations with the same piece of information


Multiple Field Updater G2 v2.0 and later:

Note: All addons marked v2.0 and later are now fully WordPress plugins and can be installed as such

  1. Upload the Multiple Field Updater G2 zip file (downloaded from your account page) via WP Admin > Plugins > Add New > click 'Upload Plugin' button
  2. Once upload is complete, turn on the addon using 'Activate' button (can also be done on WP Admin > Plugins page)
  3. Once turned on, you can validate the addon by submitting your purchase key under WP Admin > Store Locator > Addons > Settings
  4. Now you can then manage the addon's settings under WP Admin > Store Locator > Addons > Settings > Multiple Field Updater G2

Before Multiple Field Updater G2 v2.0:

  1. Install via the Addons > Marketplace page (visible with Addons Platform installed & activated). It will automatically be installed in your /wp-content/uploads/sl-uploads/addons/ folder
  2. On Addons > Settings Activate using the same key that was used to activate the Addons Platform for that particular website

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