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Minimum Requirements


Quickly import and geocode as many locations as needed into your Store Locator's database from a spreadsheet (in CSV format) of locations.

Flexible in allowing you to match your spreadsheet's columns to the Store Locator's database fields during the import process. Also provides you a history of imports and the ability to undo imports if needed.

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Features it has over the original version:

  1. Works with importing and exporting custom fields added to the database (created by the Custom Field Manager, for example)
  2. Choose whether to import your own coordinates (longitude, latitude) or let Google's geocoding API assign coordinates to each location during import.
  3. Keeps records/files of past imports (audit trail)
  4. Allows you to rollback (undo) past imports
  5. Provides a progress bar during import (appears to be dependent on server buffering properties)



  1. Import from and export map locations to CSV (comma-seperated value) file.
  2. The G2 edition now features an audit trail (a record of all of the your imports), a stored record of your import files, the ability to perform a rollback (undo) of past imports if needed
  3. Has the ability to bypass geocoding if importing coordinates -- makes for quicker imports if coordinates are already known
  4. Has an import status bar (nice for longer imports).
  5. Like the original, you still can conveniently upload a CSV file with columns in any order. Then, you can associate the proper columns to your Store Locator fields during the import process.
  6. Works with importing / exporting data from custom fields created that you may have created with the Custom Field Manager or by other addons


CSV Importer / Exporter G2 v2.0 and later:

Note: All addons marked v2.0 and later are now fully WordPress plugins and can be installed as such

  1. Upload the CSV Importer / Exporter G2 zip file (downloaded from your account page) via WP Admin > Plugins > Add New > click 'Upload Plugin' button
  2. Once upload is complete, turn on the addon using 'Activate' button (can also be done on WP Admin > Plugins page)
  3. Once turned on, you can validate the addon by submitting your purchase key under WP Admin > Store Locator > Addons > Settings
  4. Now you can then manage the addon's settings under WP Admin > Store Locator > Addons > Settings > CSV Importer / Exporter G2
  5. Perform CSV file uploads under WP Admin > Store Locator > Locations > Add

Before CSV Importer / Exporter G2 v2.0:

  1. Install via the Addons > Marketplace page (visible with Addons Platform installed & activated). It will automatically be installed in your /wp-content/uploads/sl-uploads/addons/ folder
  2. On Addons > Settings Activate using the same key that was used to activate the Addons Platform for that particular website

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs of the original

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