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Important Note

As of February 12, 2018 -- the launch date of Store Locator v4.0 & all v2.0 addons (which all now function as WordPress plugins) -- the Addons Marketplace is discontinued due to the discontinuation of the Addons Platform in favor of Addons Platform Lite v2.0+.


The Addons Marketplace is provided by the Addons Platform, and allows you to freely install addons and themes to enhance your Store Locator's capabilities and appearance, directly from your Store Locator admin interface.


Addons Platform

Addons Platform vs. Addons Platform Lite

The main difference between these two is that Addons Platform Lite does not have the Addons Marketplace.


  • Install addons and themes directly from Store Locator admin interface by navigation to Store Locator > Addons > Marketplace
  • Receive addon and theme update notifications
  • Perform updates to your addons and themes directly from your Store Locator admin interface
  • Search, click relevant tags, and view filters to discover related or other relevant addons for your Store Locator