Super Geocoder


Minimum Requirements


The Super Geocoder helps those running into Google's geocoding quota to effectively geocode their locations. Avoid needing to upgrade to far more expensive hosting solutions or dedicated IP addresses. Install, and watch it perform. Works well with importing locations, updating individual locations, and re-geocoding.

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Visual features:

  1. Displays a status bar during import & re-geocoding (if you're using it together with a CSV Importer addon) to allow you to see how far along the import/geocoding process is.
  2. Shows you when a location has successfully been geocoded in real-time by changing it's background color from red to white.


W/ Addons Platform:

  1. Install via the Addons > Marketplace page (visible with Addons Platform installed & activated). It will automatically be installed in your /wp-content/uploads/sl-uploads/addons/ folder
  2. On Addons > Settings Activate using the same key that was used to activate the Addons Platform for that particular site

W/ Addons Platform Lite:

  1. Download and extract the Super Geocoder's folder into the /wp-content/uploads/sl-uploads/addons/
  2. Activate it on Addons > Settings, using the specific key you receive after purchase of the Super Geocoder

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