Minimum Requirements


With the Categorizer, effectively show your visitors different types of locations using different icons. Even allow them to further filter down to the category that they wish to look at both before (using the Category Search Form) and after (using the Category Map Filters) performing a search.

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  1. Use different icons for different map locations based on category assigned to them
  2. Dynamically filter through category-based layers of locations in search results
  3. Categorize and sub-categorize locations, and provide a special category-based search form to visitors if desired.


  1. Install via the Addons > Marketplace page (visible with Addons Platform installed & activated). It will automatically be installed in your /wp-content/uploads/sl-uploads/addons/ folder
  2. On Addons > Settings Activate using the same key that was used to activate the Addons Platform for that particular site

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